Tracking Group Participation

Dylan Stamat , June 26, 2013

You may want to record an activity for a Group, but, not all members of that group may have participated.  With our latest release, you can start recording activity for specific members of a group.  When recording an activity or an assessment, you'll now have the option to remove those members that did not attend (all members are marked as attending by default).

Breaking down group participation will be very helpful when reporting on general participation metrics across your groups.  It will also help when looking at an individual, and seeing a history of their group participation.  Groups are a fundamental part of our system, and we'd love feedback on how we can make them more helpful to you.

Better task management

Dylan Stamat , June 12, 2013

Agency admins can now view all of the tasks that are assigned to its users.  This should help admin users keep better track of who's been assigned, and who's completed specific tasks.

Pretty soon we'll have full calendar integration as well, so regardless of what calendar system your agency uses, you'll have the option to have your tasks automatically added to your calendar!  As always, your feedback and requests for what you'd like to see next are greatly appreciated!

New in-app feature announcements

Dylan Stamat , June 03, 2013

As we update and improve our application regularly, it's important to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest features.  Starting today, we'll be pushing our feature announcements to every user of the system.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

We are live!

Dylan Stamat , June 03, 2013

We’ve recently released VerticalChange, after close to 10 months of collaboration and development with a number of nonprofit social service providers.  Its been fun and challenging (in a good way), and we’re excited that the application is being used to support the important work of our clients.

VerticalChange is cloud based software for the social sector that allow organizations to manage participants, track activities, and demonstrate outcomes.  It facilitates performance management and program evaluation, helping organizations to improve their impact for the communities they serve.

Our initial clients are nonprofits providing services to children and families, seniors, people with disabilities, and a number of other program areas.  They are used to struggling with data and  reporting requirements.  Its been exciting to start seeing the application being used regularly, saving time, providing valuable insights and reporting, and improving outcomes for people.

We know that the more we can help our clients manage and utilize their data, the more time they can spend helping people.