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An easy to use and cost effective solution to help you create and demonstrate positive change for your clients.

Works On All Modern Browsers.

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Get all your client data in one place. Intake contact information, take notes, record activities, and complete surveys for your clients quickly and easily.
Use measurable fields to build your assessments and the application can automatically graph change over time.
Bank level security with 256 bit encryption, HIPAA compliance, back ups and audit logging ensures the safety of your sensitive client data.
Create custom forms for all your data collection needs. Track services and other activities, administer assessments. And organize it all by program.
Create tasks for yourself or other users. Assign general completion dates or schedule specific dates and times. The applications alerts you when tasks are due.
Works on any modern browser on any operating system, and on almost any device. Access VerticalChange from wherever you work.

My annual letter this year makes the case for using a tool of business to improve the health and welfare of more of the world’s people. ... Setting clear goals and finding measures that will mark progress toward them can improve the human condition.

Bill Gates, 2013 Gates Foundation annual letter

What VerticalChange customers are saying.

Fsa cynthia small

VerticalChange is BY FAR the most user-friendly, most flexible, most responsive, most relevant, most current, and the most affordable electronic health record system that I have used in my 20 years in the industry... (read more)

Cynthia McNulty
Chance group small

Wasting time and money can kill a nonprofit. The VerticalChange product changed all that, we reduced the time burden of reporting by nearly 40%... (read more)

Shella Dumong