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Client Testimonials


“Let me just say how amazingly easy it is to pull our statistics out of Vertical Change. Being able to access data quickly and from different areas of the database is just a game changer. It’s all summarized, grouped and totaled for me! I feel like I can actually see what we are doing, and it’s so easy.”— Amy Ulrich, Director of Administration


"VerticalChange is BY FAR the most user-friendly, most flexible, most responsive, most relevant, most current, and the most affordable electronic health record system that I have used in my 20 years in the industry."— Cynthia McNulty, Program Manager - Senior Services


"Having Subvertical's dedicated professionals work with us to configure and develop enhancements for VerticalChange so that it fit our research and program evaluation needs in early care and education helped our Research Department to be very successful in our work. VerticalChange has been an instrumental tool in helping us to deliver program outcomes reports to our funders.”— Josh Matacotta, Research Manager


“It used to take me two days to compile our annual reporting to the state. With VerticalChange it takes only minutes.”— Pedro Paz, Program and Evaluation Manager


"Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine started using VerticalChange in September of 2017. At first, we figured it was just another database to maintain and keep track of. Once we began using the system, that mindset changed quickly from what a burden to what a powerful data tracking tool. The ability to generate reports on the spot and with ease is probably the best function of VerticalChange. Communication is another VerticalChange feature that our team finds very useful. We can be in multiple locations across town and still have a virtual office where we stay connected in real time, share documents, and send each other tasks to keep track of work.

Overall using VerticalChange has been a pleasure, it has made all the difference in the world for us. It is user friendly and having the chat live feature is wonderful because it puts us in touch with VerticalChange support in real time and the VerticalChange staff answers questions almost immediately. We look forward to using VerticalChange to connect with other agencies in our local community to help bridge gaps in patient care. We would highly recommend using VerticalChange for homeless healthcare programs and community collaboration."— The Adventist Health Ukiah Valley Street Medicine Team


"Alpha's Children, Family & Advocacy Program has been partnering with Vertical Change since launched in 2013. The customizing for our program has proven to be a critical benefit and as Vertical Change grew, so did our ability to provide unique and extensive data for in house evaluation as well as reporting to our community. While this is a major benefit, it the Vertical Change commitment that makes all the difference. The Vertical Change team makes all the difference. Team members share creative thinking along with unsurpassed expertise to help us use the program to it's fullest, all while meeting the our own unique needs. Most importantly, the customer service team are always ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. This provides our Alpha team with the confidence that "we are never alone" and friendly assistance is available whenever we need it. Partnership at it's finest!"

— Patricia Moore, Manager - Children, Family & Advocacy Services