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Manage And Evaluate Programs

Need a way of grouping and organizing data collection? Does your organization have a number of distinct programs? In VerticalChange the ability to associate your contacts and clients with specific programs is a powerful way to simplify data collection, improve data quality, and perform ongoing program evaluation.

Custom Data Collection Forms

For every program you can create custom forms to record services and activities, administer assessments, and generate related reporting & exports.

Collect Data From Your Clients And Contacts

Record instances of services and activities and complete assessments and other forms for individual clients enrolled in your programs.

Custom Activities

With VerticalChange you can record virtually any activity. Depending on your need, you can build custom forms for recording activities like participation in classes and workshops, delivery of services, and case management. Track information like duration, number of services provided by type, or by specific staffmember.

Custom Activity Forms

Build custom activity forms for collecting the data you need. Record activies by date and duration. Add more complex information such as location information, or surveys.

Record Client Activities

From any Client Dashboard, you can quickly record activities. These activity "instances" instantly become an easily part of the client history and enable aggregate program reporting.

Measure Change With Powerful Assessment Tools

VerticalChange helps you to collect data and manage data. But it goes a step beyond that by allowing you to measure change and report outcomes at an individual and aggregate level. It can be a powerful ally in your efforts to demonstrate results, and support continuous improvement.

Custom Assessments

You can easily build any assessment or survey directly in the application. Drag and drop a variety of question types including measurable numeric and scales (likert like) fields that enable insights through automated reporting and data visualization.

Administer Assessment

Administer your custom assessments to clients directly in VerticalChange. And when you are administering followup questionairres, VerticalChange will automatically show you a visual representation of the change over time.

Reporting And Export

We worked hard to make getting data into the application easy. A big part of the payoff for collecting all that data is the ability to use it for real time insights. We also believe that you should have full control over your data, so in addition to reporting capabilities we've provided simple export tools for all the data in the application.


View aggregate reporting for all of your data collection forms. Simply click on results to see views of everying that has been collected. Do the same thing for individual clients, a quick way to view all the data in a client's history.


Export virtually any data in the applicaion including client level or aggregate data for programs, activities, and assessments. Use your data in other applications including Excel or more sophisticated statistical analysis tools.