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All Your Data In One Place

Once you've added a client you can easily record notes and activities, schedule tasks, and conduct assessments for the individual directly in VerticalChange. You can build custom data collection forms, and upload documents. Assess client needs and monitor progress from right within the application.

Client Dashboard

With VerticalChange all your valuable client data is just a click away. From the client dashboard you can access and edit client profile, program enrollment, record activities and administer assessments.

Custom Participant Intake

Do your programs require specific demographic information? Do you need to collect more extensive information on your participants. With VerticalChange you can easily add fields to collect any information you need for the different people you work with.

Custom Data Collection

VerticalChange combines the ease of use of a simple CRM, with the power of custom data collection to enable performance management and evaluation.


Measure the output of your work through specific activities that you do regularly to achieve your goals. Record and report these outputs for individuals and in aggregate.


Take it a step further and start to measure actual client outcomes right in the system through any assessments you want to use.

Easy Case Notes

Document all your important client information, add details to service records, and make things clear for yourself and the next reader. Case notes can be created right on the client dashboard.

Finds Clients Fast

We're proud of how fast VerticalChange is. But faster is always better right? Quick Search makes it possible to find clients from any screen in the app just by starting to type a name. So fast it guesses what you are looking for before you finish typing it.