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Work From Wherever

Whether you work from the office or in the field, VerticalChange will probably work for you. Web based, and optimized to work seamlessly across browsers, operating systems, and devices - VerticalChange is modern software for client management and program evaluation.

Powerful Yet Easy

We wanted to build software, for organizations working to help people, that is modern, powerful and easy to use. VerticalChange uses the cloud and technology from Google to combine the convenience of the web with the quickness and feeling of a desktop application.

Harness The Cloud

VerticalChange uses the cloud to provide access to your data wherever you are, quickly and securely. The application can scale to meet your needs whether you have 5 or 5000 users, and the utility pricing of the cloud allows us to provide a cost effective pay-as-you-go service with full support.

Works With What You Have

Modern web based software shouldn't care about what kind of computer you use or how powerful it is. VerticalChange works on virtually any device.

Any OS, Any Browser

VerticalChange runs on Mac or PC and through mobile web on most mobile devices. It works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. And we will continue to support every major browser and operating system.

Continous Improvement

As we continue to receive feedback from our users we'll work to continuously improve the application, to make it more useful and usable. You'll always be logging into the latest version, and you'll never have to pay for updates.

Secure And Compliant

VerticalChange uses bank level security. We adhere to an "encrypt everything" policy, and house our systems in secure data centers. Regular backups ensure the safety of your data, and audit logging helps you meet compliance with privacy regulations.

Encrypted Communication

VerticalChange uses SSL encryption for all communication within the application, including all your confidential client data and your organizations' financial information which is HIPAA compliant.

Secure Data Centers

VerticalChange utilizes only SAS 70 certified data centers which includes phsyical security, secure services, and data privacy.

Regular Backups

We're constantly backing up your data to ensure it never gets lost. Disasters can strike, which is why we store your data privately in multiple geographic locations.

You Have Our Full Support

We work hard to make VerticalChange as easy to use as possible. But we also know sometimes you'll want to get in touch with a real person. From help with setup, to feature requests and everything in between, we include full support for every user and we want to hear from you!

Application Support

We've created tools for you to contact support directly through the application via email and chat, and we're always there if you want to pick up the phone as well. We also have an expanding collection of in-app resources for self help and learning at your own pace.

Continuous Release

We are constantly improving the software based on your feedback. No worrying about costly upgrades or slowly released features. You are always using the latest version of VerticalChange every time you log in.