Our Clients

We work closely with our clients to make sure we're building something that makes their lives easier, and delivers better outcomes. Our hope is that in addition to saving time and money, we'll create an application that is a pleasure to use.

Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara

We save at least two days of employee hours each month

VerticalChange is BY FAR the most user-friendly, most flexible, most responsive, most relevant, most current, and the most affordable electronic health record system that I have used in my 20 years in the industry. In the short four months that we have contracted with VerticalChange, our program has already transformed, resulting in more efficient use of our very limited resources, more informed attention to client care, more consistent reporting, and more time to attend to staff development and morale. Cynthia McNulty

Chance Inc

We reduced the time burden of reporting by nearly 40%

Our nonprofit, CHANCE, Inc., spent three years looking for an affordable HIPAA-compliant case management/case note program flexible enough to meet our needs – we finally found VerticalChange and it’s remarkable. With the VerticalChange product, we were able to easily create exactly what we need, in the order we need it, in the format we need, with all of the field types that we need.

The VerticalChange product allows us to craft really unique reports, and every keystroke becomes a data point that we can effortlessly layer onto reports to see facts/info that we didn’t known would be so relevant – this feature alone far exceeded anything we saw in other software over our 3-year search.

As any nonprofit using a variety of private, local, state and/or federal program funds knows, there is no uniformity of funder/program reporting requirements. Lack of uniformity creates inefficiencies. Inefficiency wastes time and money. Wasting time and money can kill a nonprofit. The VerticalChange product changed all that, we reduced the time burden of reporting by nearly 40%. The money saved by achieving documentation and reporting efficiencies is now being utilized to deliver enhanced programs and services. Thank you VerticalChange! Shella Dumong