1. Client Management
  2. Custom Data Collection
  3. Impact Reporting
  4. Security and Access Control

Client Management

Manage important information on the people you serve — Contact info, Demographic details, Assessment and Outcome data, or any range of information you deem critical to understanding and reporting on your client base.

Create and Manage Client ProfilesYou determine what data to track, and our user-friendly interface allows you to create, search for, view, and manage anyone you’ve entered into the system. You can view services, assessments, program enrollments and other data right from your client's profile.

Create and Track RelationshipsOnce you have created the client profile, you can make connections for them: enroll them in a program, assign a staff member to them, or add them as a member of a group or family. Making connections helps you understand where your clients exist within a larger network of providers, services, and familial structures. Once connected, the contact appears on the profile of all their associations.



Need help with program evaluation? We provide expert consulting service on program planning, system set-up and data management.


You have the choice to let us configure all service and outcome tracking tools for use across all your programs and clients.

Data Migration

Legacy data? We can help you migrate your legacy data into VerticalChange and liberate you from your clunky old systems.

Customized Training/Documentation

On top of our standard help articles and documentation, if required, our team can create customized training content and videos just for your organization.

Custom Reporting

We can create custom reports for a variety of purposes from client dashboards to outcomes dashboards for your specific reporting needs.

Site Management

Have multiple sites? We also provide site administration and management service for complex programs involving multiple sites and partners.

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