How VerticalChange Enhances Day-to-day Operations for Nonprofits

Adaptability for your Nonprofit through Data Management

The idea of capturing data in a constructive way may be daunting for many nonprofits. It can be challenging to locate the data you need when information is shared across different required databases. We at VerticalChange are here to let you know that there is a simpler, more cost-effective way to manage your data.  

We believe that everyday interactions with your data should not be inherently complicated. With the implementation of our secure, customizable cloud-based software, your organization can improve program management and demonstrate positive change for your clients. In one integrated platform, you can track client relationships with a customer relationship management (CRM) and analyze data from both internal and external sources. Connectable data visualization tools, such as Tableau, also provide real-time monitoring of program performance, service delivery levels, and outcomes across your entire organization.

The VerticalChange team can work with you to design standard reports to match funder or program requirements that can be easily updated as new requirements arise. You can also react to changing data needs with customizable form building tools that allow you to adjust the data you collect. Additionally, your organization can also use built-in ad hoc reporting tools to generate datasets for export use.

Our flexible solution is scalable as well, meaning that additional users and settings are easy to set up as your organization grows.

How VerticalChange is helping partners impact their community

Our platform easily adapts to help many different types of organizations meet their community’s needs in a changing world, whether they be big or small service providers, government agencies, or community initiatives.

When COVID-19 hit, our partner New Beginnings, a counseling and group therapy nonprofit providing services to people experiencing homelessness or struggling to remain stable in their housing, needed to quickly adjust to support remote outreach. New Beginnings implemented our architecture to move their mental health counseling from a paper-based system to a digital system, enabling them to continue their work online. Since March 2020, New Beginnings has successfully provided over 3,000 remote counseling sessions to over 300 clients.

Enlace Chicago accelerated fund distribution to nearly 800 families in 2020 and created a strong system to distribute further assistance as it becomes available.

The COVID-19 pandemic also devastated the community that our partner Enlace Chicago serves, where 1 in 10 residents were infected with the virus and which had seen some of the highest mortality rates in the city. In response, Enlace Chicago was able to use VerticalChange to configure a system to quickly distribute much needed funding throughout their community. Using our data tools, they were able to import emergency funds applications from affected community members, match them with available assistance, and track receipt of that assistance. As a result, Enlace Chicago accelerated fund distribution to nearly 800 families in 2020 and created a strong system to distribute further assistance as it becomes available.

Building Systems for Lasting Change

VerticalChange exists at the intersection of data-informed decision making and cutting-edge technology, representing a new approach to data management. We aim to provide a simple cloud-based platform to securely manage data and make lasting community impact.

Interested in getting started with VerticalChange? Contact us via our Demo Request page or try out our 30-day risk-free dashboard to see if this is the right approach for you.

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