Our Mission

Subvertical LLC, a California company, was formed in 2012 to bring modern software technology to bear on the data management and analysis problems that face the social service and public health sectors. Recognizing a need for more flexible, affordable and easy to use tools for data collection and reporting - the company worked closely with a representative group of service providers to release VerticalChange in early 2013.

Our Founders

Jonathan Humfrey

Jonathan Humfrey’s twelve years of software industry experience have focused on leading product and business development. At Mosaic Network he worked with a team deploying early web based data systems for multi-site public health initiatives, adding new state and federal agencies as clients. At ELC, a leading application developer, he oversaw a period of significant growth - working with Fortune 500 media, technology, and healthcare companies. Jonathan has a research background in human computer interaction and a passion for improving the social sector through technology.

John Eberly

John Eberly, a founder of Subvertical, has worked in the software industry for thirteen years. His experience includes founding two cloud/mobile-based software companies.  In addition, he has managed several large engineering teams.  As the VP of Engineering he guided a software consulting company through a period of rapid growth during which the company doubled in size to over 50 engineers in a single year.  John also has led several successful multi-million dollar projects at Fortune 500 companies including Caterpillar and the Food Network (Scripps).

Dylan Stamat

Dylan Stamat has been involved in dozens of startup and enterprise level software projects spanning a wide variety of markets. With roots in Business Intelligence, he moved into software development and helped bootstrap a number of successful startups. Dylan went on to grow a software consulting firm as CTO, and helped draft technical strategies for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco and ESPN. As a proponent of modern technology, Dylan saw the need for its push into the social sector, and helped found Subvertical in 2012.